Water leak detection

Water leaks don't merely waste water: water leaks can create a potential for thousands of dollars in damage to your property. Charity Plumbing has the latest tools of the trade to detect water leaks before they cause extensive damage to your property..

Ways leaks can cause damage:

  • Wood and drywall damage
  • Damage to carpeting
  • Foundation damage
  • Landscaping damage
  • Mold damage

Water damage is #1

Water damage causes more damage to homes than any other single problem or condition. Stop water damage before it becomes extensive by early leak detection.



Water leak repair

Our water leak experts will find and repair water leaks in landscaping, slabs, walls, and ceilings. Water moves from the source and can go in any direction, which makes it essential to find the source of the leak before digging up the lawn or foundation! 


Incoming or wastewater leakage repair

Our experienced plumbers can detect and repair leaks from the water pipes or wastewater lines of your home. Let Charity Plumbing locate and fix those leaks before they cost you thousands of dollars in damage to your home.



Stop water waste and water damage

Water leaks waste water and cause untold damage and mold inside and outside your home. If you need a leak repaired, call Charity Plumbing today!


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