Why Your Family Will Love a Smart Faucet


The customer was grinning from ear to ear. We’d just installed a Smart faucet in her kitchen. The problem, she told us, was that she couldn’t hear running water anymore. Sometimes, she’d turn on the faucet and leave the water running, only to come back hours later to find it still on.

The Smart Faucet we installed will turn itself off after four minutes of inactivity, meaning our customer never has to worry about her water shutting off or having a plumbing disaster if the drain stopper slips into place.

Remember when we thought it was so cool to wave a hand beneath a public restroom faucet to make the water start to flow? The tap, equipped with an infrared sensor, detected movement at the sink and turned on automatically. Those were the good old days. New Smart faucet technology is even more impressive.

For example, digital faucets for residential use have a digital display which shows the temperature of the water, so there is no reason to chill or scald yourself anymore. The display tells you when the temperature is right. Some have an indicator light which changes from blue (cold) to red (hot) as the water changes temperature.

Or, you can get a combo, which both senses and adjusts the temperature of the flow.

Why should you consider buying a smart faucet?

When you don’t want to waste water

If you don’t want to fiddle with the taps, you can get one with a sensor which won’t turn on until the water at the faucet is at the set temperature or one that will automatically gear toward a set temperature and flow. While this means waiting, it also means less wasted water, and less fiddling with the water temperature, which is especially handy for people who own a home which is on a septic system.

When you want to avoid germs

People who want to avoid spreading germs will also find the sensor option to be handy, because when you think about it, if you turn the faucet on with your dirty hand, then turn it off with your clean hand, your tap is giving you back your germs before your hands are even dry. The Touch2O by Delta doesn’t even need a hand—it can be an elbow.

For your children

People who want their children to wash their hands but don’t want to waste water can have a sensor which only works when there is a hand beneath it or one that turns on when it’s tapped. It minimizes water use since some kitchen faucets (like our customer’s) shut off after four minutes, and bathroom faucets shut off after one minute. Kids won’t be able to leave it running after they brush their teeth. People with babies will find it convenient since they won’t need to put the baby down to turn on the faucet when they need water. Those with mobility issues will find it helpful, as turning a knob on and off, which can sometimes be painful or impossible, becomes unnecessary.

To control your shower

For the lavishly appointed shower, try U by Moen’s new smart shower faucet, which allows you to pre-warm your shower to the desired temperature with your Smartphone by asking Alexa to turn it on, or by the provided controller.

You can ask for the shower to be set at a specific temperature, be informed when the shower is ready, have a timed shower, and pause the shower if you don’t want to waste water. There are a couple of other options: the single unit can preset options and will shut off automatically if it has been paused for more than five minutes.

Technology, while it can sometimes be overwhelming, is transforming the plumbing industry and helping us achieve great comfort, as well as peace of mind.

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