These New Grouts add Pizzazz to your Kitchen and Bath

Is there any topic more doze-worthy than grout? Yet, grout, which fills the empty spaces between the tiles, and locks them together to keep moisture out, can represent a significant upgrade in a bath or shower look. How can something as insignificant as grout add so much to a kitchen or bath decor? A plumber digresses. Here are some options:



Grout used to always be white or beige, and when it wasn’t, it was usually because it had been taken over by mold or mildew. But, concentrated colorants can now turn your grout into a decor statement, and people are making it pop spectacularly with whatever tile they already have in place. Since the average tile lives in your kitchen or bath for 17 years, that boring white tile can suddenly be nestled up to a grout called Buzzed Blue, or St Martin’s Teal.

Even if your taste runs more toward warm colors like Electric Orange or Ragin’ Red you’ll be happy with the options, especially if you use it with a neutral color like white (or even black) or the grout is on the other side of the color wheel from the tile.

Some people opt to stain their current grout, which is also very doable. If you find a grout stain color which is also a sealant, you can skip the final sealing step.



Maybe you aren’t so much a color person as you are a metals person. If so, there are metallic glitters such as silver, bronze gold, pearl, etc. which can be mixed with grout and provide a lovely backdrop for tile. The key here is that there is unsurpassed diversity in grout colors and sheens.


Bostik makes a diamond grout, which, while very expensive and requires some expertise to install, get rave reviews when used with glass tile. So, if you don’t mind spending some money and your installer is up for a challenge, diamond grout is something to consider.

Creatively fearless

Sally SIlver, a textile artist out of Los Angeles, California, says that some of the best creations are the result of what she calls being ‘creatively fearless’. “We have one chance. This is our life, to create and be happy or not,” she says. Well, we can’t vouch for that because we are plumbers, not artists, but, we can say that it’s only grout, and you should do what makes you happy.

Your kitchen and bath don’t need to stop at having great plumbing. They can also be beautiful. If you don’t want a full fledge remodel, consider keeping your current plumbing and tile, and redoing your grout.

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