Indoor Water Conservation Tips

Water usage is of grave concern to Arizona residents, and the rising cost makes conservation so much more important than it once was for our residents. As plumbers, we urge our customers to save money when they can. 

Your water tab might not be a big concern to you in terms of the various bills you pay. But, learning to manage your water puts you in the position of control. Your water bill won’t be as high as it could be, and you might save money in other ways, too. Here are our suggestions for water conservation indoors:


Water-use appliances

A dishwasher will use the same amount of water, whether it’s full or empty. Running a full load saves your water and energy. Most newer dishwasher models do not need for dishes to be pre-rinsed, either. Learn to load it from the manual to get the most out of each wash cycle. Not only will you make the most of each load, but your dishes will come out cleaner, too. When it’s time to replace that dishwasher, consider an Energy-Star model.

If your washing machine has size levels for loads, use them when you only need to wash a small number of clothes. The second rinse is usually not necessary except for individual circumstances.

Buying Energy Star appliances not only saves energy, but also water, which is something to think about when you need a new machine. Over the long haul, the savings you reap from these appliances have made them a viable option.



Turn the water off when you aren’t using the faucet, while you’re brushing your teeth or shaving. If you keep cold water in the refrigerator, you won’t have to run it and wait for it to ‘come out cool,’ which only happens here in the wintertime, anyway. If you have a hearing problem or tend to be forgetful (or live with someone who is), a touch faucet is a worthy investment. Not only because of the ease of use will have you turning it on and off in a fraction of a second, but also because there are models which shut off after four minutes (kitchen) or one minute (bathroom) of continual use. 

In the shower

Think of your shower in terms of minutes to gallons. One minute equals 1000 gallons each year. If you take a ten-minute shower every day, that will add up to about ten thousand gallons per year. So, if you cut that to nine-minute showers, you’ll save a thousand gallons per year. 

You can cut that figure by another third by installing a low flow showerhead. A low flow showerhead can reduce your water use by as much as 50%. Low-flow faucets are an easy way you can save water.

Bonus tip: Some people use a dot of nail polish on the faucet and one on the fixture to adjust the dial at precisely the temperature they feel is comfortable. The mark means no fiddling with the dial to get the temperature right every day, which can also save money. 

In addition, have leaks repaired immediately, including running toilets (you can test them with a little food coloring in the tank), and leaking faucets. Keeping your plumbing in good working order is a great way to save water.

We hope these suggestions help you. If you have plumbing issues which are costing you money, now is the time to have those problems resolved! Give us a call, and we will come out and perform any needed plumbing repairs or plumbing upgrades to your plumbing.

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