How to Find a Plumbing Professional

Plumbing is one of those things that most people generally take for granted. As long as the water flows when we turn on a faucet, and it’s hot and cold and clean, we’re inclined to not think about it.

But then one day (or night, or weekend), it happens. ‘It’ being the gush of water from beneath a sink, orange water, or the shriek of horror from your daughter when the hot water is stone cold.

And then.

Then, you need a plumber, and you need one now.


There is always the hope that you’ll find a plumber before you need one. The preference is to find a plumber when you decide you want a new faucet in the spare bedroom or to replace all your cheap, plastic appliance hoses with strong flex ones or some other non-emergency matter. But, time is a luxury we don’t all have all the time, so here is a run-down on some of the ways to find a great plumber:

Licensed, bonded, insured

It’s always great to have a handyman, and we love them, too, because you can have them come out and do several things at once. But, most plumbing work is one of those things that it is indeed better to have someone who is certified. Plumbing work, performed incorrectly,  can cause a flood and mold, which will exponentially increase your problems.

Read the online reviews

Consistency is the key. A company with high ratings is your best bet. As with any review system, there may be one or two who end up being unhappy. We all expect that, which means service people have to give every job their very best effort. If customers leave reviews which express they’re consistently unhappy with the company, try someone with better ratings. 

Plumbing savvy

A good plumber keeps an eye on current technology and innovation. When it comes to new things on the market, a good plumber is one of the first people to find out more about it.
A good plumber will continuously look for ways to learn new things, keep abreast of innovation and new technology. Plumbing used to be pipes and pumps. Plumbing now is solar, energy efficient appliances, and water conservation technology.



Referrals from family, co-workers, and other pros. Plumbers build their client base one happy customer at a time. Word spreads when a plumber shows up on time, troubleshoots, fixes the problem and gets your leak repaired and your water back on. A good plumber is sensitive to both your plumbing issues and your fiscal resources

The respect of other professionals

Even tradesmen from other service professions know the good from the bad since service professionals frequently have to cooperate with one another on jobs. We see each other on new builds, remodels, and jobs requiring more than one skillset. We know each other.

A sample their work before an emergency

If you want a connection to a plumber before an emergency, the easiest way to do that is to have them come out and do a non-emergency call--maybe add a thermal expansion tank, put in those flex lines or garbage disposal. That will give you a chance to see their work firsthand, and you can add them to your contacts, and call with confidence if there is an emergency.

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