Common Causes of Plumbing Issues

Plumbing is to a house what the circulatory system is to the body; It cleans and flushes away the impurities, whether they’re in the sink, shower, or various washing appliances. Like any other well-running system, it needs to be cared for to work properly.We’ve assembled a list of some causes of common problems with home plumbing. These are all remedies for potential problems.

1. Not draining the water heater

A water heater comes with simple instructions for draining it partially or entirely on a regular basis. Some water heater manuals advocate draining the system entirely once per year, and others recommend drain off a gallon or two each month. Particularly in the Phoenix Valley area, following these instructions can prove to extend the life of a water heater admirably. Since construction (and therefore mainline breaks) frequently occur here, the particulates can be high. One of the possibilities of a failed water heater is leakage, something the homeowner will want to avoid.

2. Not fixing leaks

Any leak can start out small. Maybe the toilet never stops running. Perhaps the tap drips. This kind of leak can be annoying, but because it's constant, the gallons add up. Also, irrigation leaks can result in an enormous amount of leakage without the homeowner realizing quite how much water they waste. In Phoenix, a little water usage results in a low water bill. Heavy users, however, have an exponentially larger bill. So, it’s well worth it to fix those leaks.


3. Not teaching everyone in the house the location of the mainline valve and how to shut it off

Your main valve may be the only thing which stands in the way of a significant house flood at the hands of a broken pipe. Every man, woman, and child living in the home should know where it is and be able to shut the water off. Parents, please don’t think that because you know how to shut it off, that’s good enough. There may come a time when you don’t have another option except to ask the child, and when the child grows up, that skill may come in handy.

4. Not changing cheap plastic hoses on appliances to flex metal hoses

Many appliances come with cheap plastic hoses instead of quality flex metal hoses, which is an easy way to prevent a leak if a mouse or roof rat happens to find a way to enter your home, and will gnaw almost anything.

5. Not finding and trying out a plumber before a midnight plumbing emergency.


At 1 a.m. when something breaks is not the time to peruse YELP or Google + for a plumber. That’s why we always recommend testing a plumber with a small job first. A minor repair which might be out of the scope of interest or skill of the homeowner is a terrific way to see if the plumber suits you.

6. Abuse

When a teenager throws a ladies personal product or ‘flushable’ (not!) wipes down the commode, or the garbage disposal is stuffed with 10# of potato peelings, they often revolt against their abuser with performance failure. Sometimes, things happen which are out of the control of the homeowner, Keeping a sharp eye and making family members aware of a plumbing system’s limitations is the key to prevention.

7. Home repairs

This one is tricky. We encourage our customers to do the little jobs they have the skills and tools to do. We also get called on jobs that were out of the realm of the homeowner’s skillset, but they weren’t aware until they got halfway in and broke something big. There is a balance, and it’s different for everyone. The rule of them is, if the skills or tools of the homeowner don't match the job, call a plumber.

We hope these have given the reader some insight into preventing plumbing disasters, but if the day should come when something does happen, call us. We're always happy to help!

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