Causes of Plumbing Code Violations

The Uniform Plumbing Code is the minimal standard which plumbing has to meet to be in compliance and safe. It's a means of protecting property owners and the system from plumbing accidents and mishaps which can cause health and safety hazards. Building codes develop when a community decides to set a standard, so their families and businesses to be safe.

Many factors cause plumbing code violations in residential and commercial settings. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the causes of plumbing code violations and how they come to light. As many business owners aren’t well versed in commercial plumbing codes, they are trusting the plumbing company to do right by them and make sure they comply. Even the most beautiful home can violate residential plumbing codes. Today, we’re going to talk about the reasons plumbing isn’t up to code.



Over time, plumbing codes develop to fit new circumstances, technology, and improvements in hardware — older homes or businesses built before these changes can be in violation and unaware of it. Unless a licensed plumber finds it while on a routine call, there is a resulting accident, or the building inspector discovers it during the inspection process before selling the property, the owner will probably not know.

Cutting corners

Sometimes people cut corners when they do plumbing work. An example of this is using a part they have on hand or doing a job that requires a permit without obtaining one. The truth is, this might save a little bit of money and some bother. But, it just isn't wise to skip the permit and subsequent inspection. Inspections are the point where violations are frequently uncovered. For safety’s sake, a property owner is far better off to have plumbing with meets the uniform building code and any local codes. Inspections can save grief down the road.


Even when the repair doesn’t require a permit, it’s still possible to violate a stipulation of the plumbing code out of ignorance. Problems can happen when a homeowner or business isn’t aware of a building code and unwittingly violates it. Even hiring a handyman in some circumstances will result in a plumbing code violation. For this reason, as well as a few others, hiring a licensed plumber with a solid reputation is a property owner’s best option when having plumbing work performed in a commercial or residential setting.  Because plumbing codes can be confusing, having a licensed plumber offers the peace of mind of having a trained professional who specializes in plumbing and therefore knows what he is doing.

If you find yourself with a plumbing violation, either residential or commercial, the best way to come into compliance is to have a licensed residential or commercial plumbing company repair and bring your plumbing up to compliance with local plumbing codes.

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