Bathroom Safety for All


Spring here in the Phoenix Valley area often brings Spring break guests. Since we want our family and guests to be safe, today we’re going to look at some things in the bathroom which can be safety hazards. According to the Centers for Disease Control almost a quarter of a million adults per year have an accident in the bathroom severe enough to set them back for at least a day.

When the hot water is too hot

As a healthy adult, your skin can tolerate and welcome hot water. But, if you entertain elderly or very young guests, their skin can easily burn at a water temperature you find comfortable. Even though hot water is at a premium during the increased company-load levels the hot water has to produce, please consider turning the water heater temperature down for the duration of the visit. If you have small children or seniors in your home, consider leaving the water heater at the lower temperature.

The tub or shower

If you don’t have a rubber mat for the bottom of the tub or shower, now is an excellent time to get one. A third of all bathroom accidents happen in or around the tub or shower. Even non-slip decals should be considered if you don’t want to use a mat.

It’s also entirely acceptable to install a safety bar in a shower or tub, even for families who don’t have a senior in the home. Since falling isn’t exclusive to older adults, why should safety bars be? You can even ask your plumber to install one when he pays a service call for another plumbing issue.


The floor

Even when you have plenty of towels available for your family and guests to use, sometimes water is going to get on the floor.

Invest in a couple of bath rugs for your bathroom. Bathroom floors tend to get wet in spite of good intentions, so make sure the carpets are non-slip and don’t have big, loopy fibers which could catch a pinky toe. Many people put a rug in front of the tub or shower and the second one in front of the sink.

The toilet

Your husband (or wife) might think it’s kinda funny to get his brother stinking drunk, but many bathroom accidents can be traced to over-enthusiastic alcohol consumption. While we aren’t saying you should hide the good liquor when family comes, it’s probably not a good idea to let the family joker keep refilling your guest’s glass over their jovial, half-hearted protests.

Good Lighting

Lights will also keep bathroom visitors from stumbling around in the dark. Some people like to have low-level LED lighting attached to a motion sensor, so no one is ever in the dark. It’s a sensible idea and one which has been implemented in many care homes across the country.

Exhaust fan

The exhaust fan is your best friend when it comes to lowering the humidity, and therefore minimizing slippery surfaces, in the bathroom. Make sure your bathroom exhaust fan is up to snuff, even when you don’t have visiting company.

We hope this has given you some ideas for bathroom safety in your home. If you have a plumbing leak, need a new toilet, want fixture upgrades, or another plumbing task performed, give us a call! We can help.

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